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Covid 19 Update 18-03-20

We are tracking the current situation very closely and will, of course, follow NHS and government advice.

Our aim is to provide educational support throughout the whole period in one form or another.
Until such time as the schools are closed, we will continue as normal. If your son or daughter is in isolation, we would ask that they do not attend, and we will discuss alternative ways of tutoring remotely.

If the schools are closed (and depending on the rules issued for gatherings and group sizes) we are preparing a combination of –

• Morning sessions to provide forward movement in English and Maths (Year 3 to 11*), GCSE revision sessions and 11+ teaching sessions
• Our normal evening and Saturday Sessions as well as Mock tests.
• 1 hour 1-2-1 video teaching slots between the morning and evening sessions
• Feedback and Next Steps exercises of work set by us or schools conducted by e-mail or post.

*it is likely that work set by class teachers will be reinforcement and practice rather than new work.

The balance of what we will offer will depend on the rules in place for gatherings of people and may change over time.
Whilst we will offer our services to anyone who requests it we will give priority and a significant discount to any pupil who was taught by us in 2020’s Term 4.
Further details, including pricing, will follow as the time comes. In the meantime, we are taking every precaution to reduce any risk.

Steve McGill
Director and Senior Tutor
Lasting Education Limited

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