Results say it works; Pupils say it's fun.

"I found it challenging in a good way...it was fun..." -

Ben (11+ Summer School)

"They made it ...fun so I wanted to come back" (11+ Weekly Tuition and Summer School pupil)

"[our son] has made fantastic progress with you and we are grateful for all that you have done for him"  (Mother of Year 4 and then 11+ pupil)

"At home ... has been really enthusiastic about maths and doing some really good work. A real change from just a few months ago when everything was a battle." (Mother of Year 3 pupil)

"Will send ... back to you in the new year as she enjoyed it so much...Big thanks as always" (Mother of an 11+ and Year 6-7 pupil)

"Many thanks for your help this year, H's teacher put in his end of term report how proud he was of him for the hard work he had been putting into his maths :-) " (Parent of Year 3 pupil)

"I passed my 11+ and just wanted to say thanks for your help in the summer holidays." (Pupil who continues to work with us in our Year 6 to 7 transition group.)

"There weren't many of us so we got lots of turns each"

"I know S's only had one proper session but she said she enjoyed it so that's a great start as far as I'm concerned!"   (Parent of Year 2 pupil.)

"Thanks Steve for your support and understanding." (Parent of a Year 3 pupil)

"I am really excited about the Year 4 Reasoning Course.  It looks just what my son needs to get him ready for next year's 11+ work..."

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