Results say it works; Pupils say it's fun.

We believe in providing tuition that is enjoyable and effective.

The focus is on strengthening key skills and the ability to use them, alongside the development of student's understanding of how to learn.

Working in groups allows us to help pupils work more effectively in classroom situations.

The Advantages of Collaborative Learning

Steve McGill, Senior Tutor

Director, LEL


I have been working with children since the early 1980s, first as a Cub and Youth Leader and then, since 1993, as a teacher.

I have held Deputy Headteacher and Headteacher roles but have always worked within the classroom providing consistently high quality learning across small groups to double classes.   My classroom experience ranges from Year R to Year 8.

Throughout my teaching career I have tutored groups to support those falling behind, accelerating learning or preparing for 11+, SATs or GCSE tests. Throughout I have tutored for the 11+.

Alongside the curriculum content, I believe that it is extremely important to develop each pupil's understanding or how they learn and retain information and skills.   My personal mantra is -

" If you give a man a fish, you'll feed him for a day.  If you teach a man to fish, you'll feed him for a lifetime "

  • Develops higher level thinking skills.
  • Increases student retension.
  • Builds self esteem.
  • Sets high expectations for the student and the tutor.
  • Students learn to stay on task in group situations (the usual format for lessons in school).
  • Creates an environment of active, involved and exploratory learning.
  • Uses a team approach to problem solving whilst retaining individual accountability
  • Stimulates critical thinking and helps students clarify ideas through discussion and debate.
  • Classroom anxiety is significantly reduced.
  • Test anxiety is significantly reduced.
  • Classroom resembles real life/ work situations.
  • Promotes positive attitudes toward the subject matter.
  • Encourages student responsibility for learn.
  • Enhances self management skills.
  • Encourages student self assessment skills.
  • Develops oral communication skills.
  • Develops social interaction skills.
  • Students are taught to criticise ideas, not people.
  • Makes the sessions more enjoyable and more memorable.
  • Students learn to feel comfortable making mistakes, taking chances and exploring learning within group situations.
  • Errors in all of the areas listed here can be quickly picked up and used as learning points by the tutor.

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