Places available - Coxheath and Kings Hill

11+ 2020-21

10+ (Year 4) Courses with feedback on 11+ potential

11+ Mock Tests from January 2021

11+ Baseline Tests Available

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Summer and Easter School


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11+ Preparation

Longer Term Benefits

  • Accelerated understanding of the Year 6 curriculum.
  • A more systematic approach to study and problem solving.
  • Firm foundation for Year 7 work in English and Maths.
  • Development of key problem solving skills.
  • Development of key exam techniques and time management skills.
  • Highly developed ability to work in groups.
  • Solid foundations for GCSE Maths and English in the areas most students find difficult,
  • A different approach to learning/work ethic.
  • Developed higher level thing skills.
  • Develop a more critical approach to learning.
  • Develops the willingness to undertake their own study at beyond the classroom.
  • Stdents develop a better understanding of the learning process and their personal learning preferences.

Timetable for Tuition - Autumn 2016